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Classify your data based on sensitivity
- Configure policies to classify, label, and protect data based on its sensitivity. Classification with Azure Information Protection is fully automatic, driven by users, or based on recommendation.

Protect your data at all times
- Add classification and protection information for persistent protection that follows your data—ensuring it remains protected regardless of where it’s stored or who it’s shared with.

Add visibility and control
- Track activities on shared data and revoke access if necessary. Your IT team can use powerful logging and reporting to monitor, analyze, and reason over data.

Collaborate more securely with others
- Share data safely with coworkers as well as your customers and partners. Define who can access data and what they can do with it—such as allowing to view and edit files, but not print or forward.

Ease of use
- Data classification and protection controls are integrated into Microsoft Office and common applications to secure the data you’re working on with one click. In-product notifications such as recommended classification help users make right decisions.

Deployment and management flexibility
- Help protect your data whether it’s stored in the cloud or in on-premises infrastructures. You have the flexibility to choose how your encryption keys are managed, including Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) options.

Microsoft Intune - Link
Support your diverse mobile ecosystem
- Securely manage iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices from a single, unified mobile solution.

Protect data with or without device enrollment
- Create app protection policies that help keep your company data safe without managing the users' devices.

Achieve IT efficiencies in the cloud
- Stop maintaining on-premises servers—focus your time on business needs instead, with a globally scalable cloud architecture that's always up to date.

Deploy and succeed with our help
- Take advantage of the Microsoft global presence with 24/7 support and FastTrack deployment support included with your subscription.

Microsoft Cloud App Security - Link
Discover and assess risks
- Identify cloud apps on your network, gain visibility into shadow IT, and get risk assessments and ongoing analytics.

Control access in real time
- Manage and limit cloud app access based on conditions and session context, including user identity, device, and location.

Protect your information
- Get granular control over data and use built-in or custom policies for data sharing and data loss prevention.

Detect and protect against threats
- Identify high-risk usage and detect unusual user activities with Microsoft behavioral analytics and anomaly detection capabilities.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics - Link
Detect threats fast with behavioral analytics
- No need to create rules, fine-tune, or monitor a flood of security reports with self-learning and advanced, ready-to-analyze intelligence.

Adapt as fast as your attackers
- Rely on continually updated learning that adapts to the changing nature of your users and business.

Focus on only important events
- Review the attack timeline for a clear and convenient view of suspicious activity or persistent threats.

Reduce false positive fatigue
- Receive alerts only after suspicious activities are contextually aggregated and verified.

Prioritize and plan for next steps
- Get recommendations for investigation and remediation of each suspicious activity.

Microsoft Identity Manager - Link
On-premises identity and access management
- Synchronize identities between directories, databases, and applications
- Self-service password, group, and certificate management
- Increase admin security with policies, privileged access, and roles
- Thwart identity theft with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)

Azure Advanced Threat Protection - Link
- Detect and investigate advanced attacks on-premises and in the cloud
- Identify suspicious user and device activity with both known-technique detection and behavioral analytics
- Analyze threat intelligence from the cloud and on-premises
- Protect user identities and credentials stored in Active Directory
- View clear attack information on a simple timeline for fast triage
- Monitor multiple entry points through integration with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

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