Scripts - Fast Track

The scripts below are currently on GitHub and shared by the official Fast Track team.

--- GitHub Scripts ---

GitHub - Main Site Link

--- Exchange Scripts ---

Find-MailboxDelegates - Link
- Support Article - Link
This script was developed to assist customers with their exchange hybrid migrations into Exchange Online. With this script you can export Exchange 2010/2013 on premises permissions, find their associated delegates (ie spider web batching), and produce a report of mailbox batches that can be used to migrate mailboxes without impacting users.

--- Microsoft Teams Scripts ---

Manage-Teams - Link
The purpose of this script is to generate Teams reports

Add-TeamsLicense - Link
The purpose of this script is to enable the Teams license and keep existing license configurations.

Disable-TeamsAudioVideo - Link
Script to disable Audio and Video for Teams users

Get-FullTeamsReport - Link
The purpose of this script is to report all teams, channels, and users that exists in an environment

get-teamsusage - Link
The purpose of this script is to use the groups usage report graph api to gather usage data on teams within a certain period of time

move-team - Link
move-team.ps1 is a PowerShell script used to consolidate teams by copying one team's members, owners, channels, and files to another team. Useful for consolidating teams and reducing team sprawl

--- SharePoint Scripts ---

Get-FullOwnerReport - Link
This script looks for and reports all users and groups that have full control access for all sites and subsites in a user's tenant

get-siteinventory - Link
The purpose of this script is to gather a site inventory for a SharePoint Online site collection.

split-spmtlogerrors - Link (SharePoint Migration Tool)
This script will split consolidated SPMT error logs and output one csv file per unique value found in the specified column

--- OneDrive For Business Scripts ---

Get-OD4BExternalUsers - Link
The purpose of this script is to search a tenant's OD4B sites for all files that are shared with external users. Once all of this data is found a csv report will be created.

Get-ODBUsage - Link
The purpose of this script is to enumerate OneDrive for Business Sites along with their data usage and date created.