Microsoft Office 365 is such a huge beast it is impossible for a single site to be able to provide links to all the official resources that are available online. Microsoft itself breaks up its Office 365 resources logically into many separate sites; documentation, support, tech communities, etc.

I have never found a single site dedicated to Office 365 resources that has provided the main links for documentation, support and the tech communities for each of the Office 365 apps or services.

It is for this reason I created this site and I hope it helps you and your organisation get the most out of Office 365.

Just scroll down the list of categories on the right hand side to select the Office 365 app or service that you need the resources for.

If I have missed an Office 365 app or service that you would like added, please leave a comment.
If you have some resources you think I could use, please leave a comment, but bear in mind that this site concentrates on official Microsoft resources and only has a few links to non official content.

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