Training - Creating a customised learning portal in SharePoint Online -

Microsoft 365 learning pathways, formerly known as Custom Learning for Office 365, is a customizable, on-demand training solution designed to increase usage and adoption of Microsoft 365 services in your organization.

On-demand, custom training from Microsoft
Microsoft 365 learning pathways offers:
·         A fully customizable SharePoint Online communication site - The learning pathways training portal can be customized to add your organization's help, support, and community content
·         Easy provisioning - Provision learning pathways from the SharePoint Online Provisioning Service with just a few easy steps
·         The ability to create your own training playlists - with learning pathways, you can create targeted training playlists to meet the unique needs of your environment

·         Up-to-date content - Learning pathways provides content through a Microsoft online content catalog, so the content at your site is regularly updated

Learning pathways components
Microsoft 365 learning pathways consists of three parts:
·         An online catalog of Microsoft content - Learning pathways is connected to an online catalog of Microsoft training content
·         A SharePoint Online communication site - Learning pathways provides an easy-to-provision training portal that can be customized to the needs of your organization.

·         a SharePoint web part - Learning pathways provides a SharePoint web part that can be filtered to present targeted training content. Organizations can also use the Web part to create their own custom playlists.

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